How To Weigh Yourself

I want to clear up the confusion on how and when to weigh to yourself. From the first day I start working with a client, I set the record straight on how and when to do an accurate weigh in.

Here it is…

As soon as you wake up in the morning, preferably after a good 8 hours of restful sleep, first use the bathroom, then step on the scale with no clothes and without eating or drinking anything at all yet. Step on and off the scale three times to make sure your scale is accurate. If you get three different readings you need to either change the battery OR try to step on the scale in the exact same place each time. Moving your feet too far forward, too far back or too wide you may get different readings. So be aware of this.

Another thing that that will give you a very inaccurate reading and is pretty much useless in my eyes is to weigh yourself ANY OTHER TIME OF THE DAY but in the morning.

I have had clients call me upset because they have weighed themselves in the afternoon after eating breakfast and lunch and maybe even a snack AND 2 bottles of water and coffee etc … I have to remind them that yeah…of course its up! You just input about 3-5 pounds of food and drink into your body that is still assimilating and hasn’t made its way out yet! This Will Make you crazy! So..stick to the morning for your weigh-ins as I described in the beginning and all will be well.