Healthy Food Ideas for Kids

If you struggle with picky eaters, this blog is for you! Here are a few simple and easy hacks to help kids eat healthy.


Hack 1

use cookie cutters to cut food (fruits, veggies) into fun shapes and designs. For picky eaters, this is a quick and easy way to make healthy foods more exciting and fun for kids to eat. Kids even enjoy being part of the process, filling their own plate with fun shapes.


Hack 2

Play the rainbow game. Have kids help pick out their food from the fridge and chose colors of the rainbow as they make their plate. You can also play this game at the grocery store or farmers market. Let kids fill a bag at the grocery store or farmers market with fresh foods made up of colors oft the rainbow.


Hack 3

Make a healthy smoothie! This is an easy way to hide delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables in smoothie. Make extra to freeze smoothies into fun popsicle molds to have anytime during the day as a healthy treat! You can find popsicle molds in any store that sells household goods or you can purchase online through amazon. 


Hack 4

This is the easiest of all – swap out regular white or grain bread for gluten free bread. Super easy, GF bread tastes really good these days and eliminating gluten from kids diets does wonders. Good for kids and the entire family! Brands my household likes: Cook’s Sourdough is the best gluten free sourdough bread on the market – it’s hard to believe it’s gluten free! We also like Rudi’s Homestyle gluten free bread.


Working out at home – during the pandemic – with kids!

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone – especially parents. Parental duties are tenfold with virtual school and kids (and everyone) at home more than usual. In order to make sure parents and kids stay moving and active, try these simple hacks to make sure everyone gets the important movement they need!

  1. Make it a family affair. Try “cosmic kids yoga” as a family. The kids poses are modified but if parents participate they can still move their bodies and show their kids they are invested in their own health, too!
  2. If kids are young enough to take a walk in the stroller, try to walk 12,000 steps a day with kids in the stroller. Great exercise for parents and the fresh air for kids is great for kids.
  3. For parents, make a stroller exercise with walking lunges and squats.
  4. If you have older kids, create PE class at home daily. Parents can lead the class with age appropriate exercises – kids and adults are engaged and staying moving.
  5. Create obstacles courses outside for kids with everyday items you may have laying around at home. Kids love to run, jump and climb. Create an obstacle course and set a timer to see how quickly they can do it!

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