Foam Rolling

I have a question for you guys… do you foam roll before and after a workout? Not sure what that is? Foam rolling is one of my favorite things to do with my clients and for myself as well. It not only helps improve flexibility and range of motion of your muscles but also releases tension and muscle soreness, The constant pressure on the muscle from the foam roller signals the central nervous system to reduce tension, kind of like the effect of a deep tissue massage or shiatsu. By foam rolling an area for 30-90 seconds, you’ll gain a 10 minute window of increased flexibility. So, stretch right after foam rolling and you’ll see dramatic improvements in your flexibility

Be sure to choose a foam roller that is flexible but firm. Here’s my favorite roller (see below. Note that it is the “soft” version but is still firm enough to feel great. If it’s too firm it will be uncomfortable and can ultimately do some damage.

But foam rolling isn’t right for people with open wounds, fractures, flare-ups of rheumatoid arthritis, deep-vein thrombosis, advanced osteoporosis, or neuropathy that causes pain.

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