We all feel like Walter White sometimes. We follow the rules: we eat well all week, we find time to get at least some exercise in everyday, we don’t smoke, we don’t drink (or maybe an occasional one), we get a solid 8 hours of sleep, we meditate to keep stress levels low. But then, the weekend hits. The pandemic is slowly ending. Restaurants & bars are open, sporting events and concerts are reappearing on the calendar and suddenly you find yourself breaking bad.

The best way to combat these feelings of wanting to “turn bad” is to check off all the great things you did for your health this week and ask these questions: Is it worth it to have that heavy meal, or dessert, or calorie heavy alcohol drink? Although it may make you feel happiness for the moment, how will it make you feel later or the next day? How will it affect your sleep, your mental & physical performance? What actual good will it do for you? If you answer these honestly, your decision should be clear.

If you are the kind of person who feels the need to “reward” yourself every time you have a good day of eating and exercise, consider doing so without self-sabotaging all the great things you’ve managed to do during the week. The best reward is feeling great, having energy, maintaining a healthy weight and improving your mental health. No need to feed yourself with “rewards” that are counterproductive.

Feeding your body with clean fuel and water (and yes even clean, organic coffee is okay) has bountiful benefits. Reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and a whole host of other health issues and complications. Isn’t that reward enough?

P.S. leave that pizza on the roof